Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bringing Out My Best

What will bring you joy and confidence today?
Which qualities can you throw out today?
Who brings out the best in you?
My working hands, big heart, connection to others. My compassion, laugh. My love for you, for Him, for her.
Judgement on others, negativity towards myself. My secondary emotions, regret, insecurities about the future.
A future bride, an unconditional father, a businesswoman, someone who will travel, a yogi, the one who makes me smile.

Western Montana

You asked and I spoke
Of the winding roads I took
Lush green trees and fields
A road which paralleled the river
My heart was shifted then
After you burned that bridge
I felt alone, if only for a moment
Then took to the road
Eyes forward,
I wasn't alone in that time
Just without you,
And I am grateful

Sunday, January 27, 2013


I went to the zoo. We saw wolves, otters, and meercats. I got to see how big a hippo's adult foot print is compared to my hand. It was cold and cloudy outside, but my heart was so warm from the sweet company and companionship.

Enter through the wooden doors
Stained from wet weather
Host to beautiful greens and browns

I watch as the beautiful ones enter inside. They spend their times with wings and sounds, and I watch their wonder. I took the time to sneak away, watching little feet wander over cobblestone, hearing the wilderness and the trees, feeling the frozen air sneak under my layers.

But then I placed my hand in yours
Pressed my palm and felt your callouses
I thought, how big could this be?
Opened my mind and my heart

Strong & Grounded

Digesting my color vibrations.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

It Was Just Right

Collection of writings I haven't completed lately.


I watched him as the tears in his eyes blurred his near perfect vision. "He says today. He says, 'today is the greatest day in the history of the world.'" And at that moment, I knew he was right.

Heart took me to a place I've never been. Emotion with such depth, I could not see the end. Was I afraid? Yes. It was the lack of definition of the fear that sent my mind to darker places. But in the end, the tunnel came out where I feared. In the future I will expend less energy on such matters.

Do I hold those feelings for you?
Where is it that they channel to
My heart of frustration, or regret
Hoping that I could somehow undo
Wishing we had never even met

But in another time,
the stars aligned
we were together
and it was just right

My mind wanders
and your heart does, too

Yes, the words scared you away
But you were my Graceland

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

To Free From

The word of the week is:
To free from confinement,
bondage, obligation, pain;

Be A Little Braver

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Swag has no rising value

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cracked As Easily As True Nature

We drove east. Roads sent us up winding pathways, and black ice lined every twist. Some were cautious, other were confident. It reminded me of the first time I ever drove through a storm. My best friend on my right, creating songs in his head before he spoke it into a microphone. And the words came to me again, in complete connection to the past and the present. One in the same.

Times are getting strange
Crossing paths without chains
The days are getting shorter
And the ships roll out in waves

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Let's Stay Under The Covers A Little While Longer

I'm in a town that is sleepier than I am.


Talking late at night, her voice was a reminder that I still had someone close. We can both take a step back and view things logically, at least I think we can. And so we did that. The gratitude I feel is more than anyone knows.
"I needed a marker for the change."
I'm glad I'm not the only one that needed the new year. And now we move forward, and seeing her chutzpah makes me want to have more of my own.  

Sunday, January 6, 2013

The word for the week is

But You Were There

Wooden planks to balance upon
Walking with you, and talking
Standing side by side, but separate
That's how we want and need it
And I am grateful, you know that

Desires and wishes discussed
Honesty poured from a tall bottle
Laughing those natural laughs
I know you missed seeing them
And I am sorry, you know that

Time to reflect here on my own
You were off in the distance
Too far to see, but you were there
I was confident of your presence
And I am here, please know that


I see it as a sign of impermanence
That not one photograph was taken of you.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I Can't Be Mad At You

"Please get mad at me.. Scream at me, or something.."

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