Saturday, June 30, 2012

I truly think I could not have ANY more reasons to leave this hell hole.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I would love to meet you again in 18 years.
See who you will be, but I can predict it already.
You. ESFJ. Your heart is large but you can't show it.
A feeler of all things, I pray in these coming years, you are allowed to express it all.
I think of you often, always keeping you in my prayers.
Although memories have yet to be built of me...
Deep down, I hope you know a few things.
Don't you ever forget the love I have shown.
Always remember to be adventurous.
You are loved, unconditionally.
Even if it's just by me,
That can be enough.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Collection Of Writings

Annoyance - Anger - Rage

Red shelled flying creatures
Zipping drunkenly through my safe space
Their noise, a low drone
Crashing and picking themselves up again

Shit, I scream, ducking my head. As these unidentified flying objects swarm closer to the ground, each lap around us. I see the shell, a burnt orange, a warning sign. My heart pounds, not races. No, it is a steady, consistent thump that starts in my head and ends in my stomach. You are not here. No, the flying things took you away. All that is left of you is the shell of your lifeless body, burnt orange, wingless.

One, in the background


"So naive that people with bad intentions will take you for a ride."

Monday, June 18, 2012

Be Okay

I feel like God just whispered in my ear,
"Don't worry, Alexandra. Shit's gonna be okay."

Friday, June 15, 2012

I Am Leaving Soon- Haiku

Words from head to hand
Writing lists and making plans
I no longer sleep

Monday, June 11, 2012

To Those Who Have Read

There are certain moments I wish I was a better writer.. or at least, one who could write pages worth of words. Unfortunately, I find beauty in the simplicity of a simple poem, ones that I rarely even show my closest friends. I am not more proud or feel more accomplished with the ones I post here, but I merely have the time and means to press "publish". Maybe because I don't feel the need to defend the ones posted here. I have no expectation for you, the reader, to feel anything after reading my words. In the end, these ruminations, oftentimes associating themselves in rhythm or rhyme, have absolutely nothing to offer to the world. I am satisfied in knowing this. I expect nothing to come from my ridiculous attempt to write what you might hope to be beautiful works. If you enjoy generally peaceful, regularly erratic, uneducated words, then my hope is that you feel as if you're not wasting your time. In the end, I hope I can look back on Meticulous Markings, and can somehow strewn together a path that signifies the course through my life. Positive pieces and negative nothings. I hope you get something out of it, too.

Question of the blog:
Do you write? Do you enjoy your pieces? What inspires your favorite way to express yourself in art for?

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Turn around if you feel anything,
I said to them in my mind. Turn around.

Weekend Rush

I am falling-
My favorite red shoes graze the sidewalk, then gravity becomes me as I am sent forward. In this moment, the memories concocted throughout the weekend flood my eyes, and for a moment, I am experiencing it all over again. I am telling him to slow down, but the policeman's lights are already tracking us. Red and blue, red and blue, red and blue. Lights. My right foot has lost balance and the drain takes advantage of my inebriated state. Then comes the smell of Southern Comfort, vodka cranberry, Keystone, and I could vomit once again. I throw my right hand forward, as my face comes closer to the pavement. Wine tasting and stretch limousines. Cold pizza and pinot noir. Seeing my best friend in love with such an admirable woman, one that I pray I can one day be half as lovely as. My elbow meets the street first, grinding like sandpaper. Being so proud to watch them turn their tassels, on the verge of tears as I see my inspiration. Left knee meets the ground, I am going down. 6 am and we are drinking at the bar, which was just as busy only 4 hours before. San Luis traditions I am grateful to be a part of. Right hip makes its final descent, and is abruptly stopped.. A meeting I know will be coupled by purple and black in days to come. Humbling moments and gratitude of the giving souls surrounding me. Free flowing tears and smiles on the steps outside your home.

I am back. As my eyes open and I start to sit up, the ones by my side rush to see if my broken body is okay. Adrenaline prevents me from crying from the pain, but my heart breaks as I watch my favorite bracelet of beads snap. One by one, each sandalwood bead heads toward the gutter that just took me down. I am filled with more memories, of being 10 years old with these prayer beads, of having Tibetan monks blessing them when I was a kid, of using them every takeoff and landing for the past decade, of the Coptic priest blessing them in the Holy Sepulchre.
I fell.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Twin Sized Bed

Airport bars and college grads
My sweetest souls in black and gold
Look off to see what's in store
Future doesn't seem so clear


This month, I get to celebrate my darling Newo Ikkin. Last year, she adopted me into her heart. In these twelve months, we have traveled over 7 states, we've moved to San Diego together, we camped, backpacked, hiked, and played a minimum of 365 games of ball.
Our lives have been totally different since we've been together. I've learned a lot of patience, as well as putting her before me. I've learned to love someone completely, despite their flaws; and I think she has, too. It's been a wild adventure so far, and I can't wait to spend many more years with my little Woofus. She does a perfect job at loving me, through her affectionate heart and her persistent nature. Even in the darkest moments of the last year, she has been a great light for me. It's so comforting to know that, even if she is an animal, she loves me unconditionally. And I love her too. Mushy gushy, stuff, I know. Get over it.

Question of the blog:
JUNE is also the month that I get to celebrate my sweet sister's birthday. We live two states away, so it is very hard to get together to celebrate with her. I hope I see her again soon. What does the month of June represent for you?

Monday, June 4, 2012