Tuesday, March 12, 2013

His Wings

Through the years, I watched as he grew like trees, though swaying in the wind, ever stronger. I think he feared me, for some unknown reason. Was it that I showed him new life when other were still wrapped up in the past? One time, moons before now, he held my hand, and it did feel like home. I look back with positive thoughts.. my intentions were good, and for once someone saw it.
We danced today. Through lush fields of green that would surely fade to camel in the coming weeks. He was a free bird, yet he never stayed far away. I watched him in his open state, he is grounded and graceful. I saw his heart open to the sky when he lifted his arms, his wings. Looking upwards as the summer rains fell, the moon man released all the love within. He caught raindrops on his tongue, spinning in circles with arms outstretched. As I wept with joy, I knew what was next.. he was free to go back to the universe.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Rapid Eye Movement

No longer believing in paradise
She slept through her life
Letting go of the present reality
And attaching to her dream cycles

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Soul Sister

Capturing pictures of Newo yawning and trying to make a similar face. This is one of my favorite hobbies. Get over it kbye

Monday, March 4, 2013

"And I Miss You So Much."

I heard your voice today. It was slow and soft, and I knew you were telling the truth when you said you were laying in your bed. You told me about my good qualities. You spoke to me with great longing, and for one very small moment, I smiled. First, it was the feeling of being so special.. then it was the "oh thank God this is over."
You disappeared, but your history lingers. One day it will take me longer to remember your name. One day I won't ball my fists when I feel you in the same room. At some point, I will forget you ever existed. I will keep the good memories and release the imprint of you in my life. You no longer need to exist.

"But what if it didn't happen?"

To erase this message, press 7. To save it, press 9.

The Canopy

I wandered.
Through valleys, at first.

But I chose to face West, and I headed towards the woods. To the omnipotent redwoods, where green vines wrap closely to them. All is connected, interwoven with deep layers of beauty. And mysteries. My feet are grounded, pressed firmly to nature's floor. I plant my broken bones and allow the veins in my body to descend underground. Body grows below and above; as I become deeply rooted, I am extended. Ascended. It is all known to everyone. My arms reach upward to find the strength of the sun. Moments become time, days become ages. I yearn for the stars, but the elders hang over and hide me from freedom. Patience is my only hope, as I press on into the earth, building roots into the unknown.

Has it been a moment, years, centuries since I first sank into this ground? My bones are tired, but they remain strong. Often, in the dead of night, I long to uproot myself and continue in the desert. Will I always feel this way.. so empty, so estranged?

But then, sunrise. I am touched, I feel the warmth of not being by myself, yet I don't know who is by me. It is a radiant light filled with warmth. The Comforter. I am reaching the top, I am finally there. The Canopy.