Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Come with me and I will take you to Narnia.
Wear your best outfit, we must look impressive on this journey.
Wear your prettiest dress with moccasins, with a head band,
And braid your hair.
Leave your jacket at home,
but bring the shawl the birds made for you.
We will meet at the foot of the mountains,
And hike the trail to Archenland and rest there,
to Narnia.
I know of some beavers on the way, that will show us where all the most delicious fruits and vegetables are, and cinnamon, and we will put flowers in our hair.

And Aslan will greet us so sweetly,
And we will hold his fur tight,

And He will say,
"Welcome home."

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Quite Possibly the Cause of the End of the World, If It's Really Happening.

Today I went to Briar Patch for lunch, one of my favorite grocery stores that sells the BEST mac and cheese in the little cafeteria section. Alas, mac and cheese was not out there, so I chose something else.
I moved to the drink section, and really wanted a root beer but the Honest Tea caught my eye, and it was only a dollar! So of course I chose that, paid for everything, and sat down to eat.
Yum, the raspberry dessert was delicious.
And then, I opened the bottle of Honest Tea.
Pomegranate Red Tea with Goji Berry.

It honestly,
I wanted to HURL, but I couldn't because I was sitting next to a ton of people. But seriously, I got sick to my stomach and could not take another sip. I'm pretty sure that stuff could be used in torture chambers or something. It is repulsive.
Honest Tea, you have lost my trust.
Warning: Honest Tea Pomegranate Red Tea with Goji Berry may cause the following: Global warming, world hunger, worst dressed lists, loss in appetite, questioning the meaning of life, intestinal disintegration, or bleeding at the fingertips.
If too much is consumed, call 911 immediately. Could be a major cause of the end of ze world.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Science Libs

So today in science, we learned about rocks. Attention Deficit Disorder + Rocks = Zero Productivity. Stina sent me a note on the back of one of her English papers about the fundamentals of writing an essay. I looked at it, and all of a sudden, a light bulb appeared above my head. Ding! Turn it into a Mad Lib! I crossed out a bunch of words, and wrote the grammatical .. function? below it, and Stina filled in the words. Enjoy =]

Topic Sentence 1) Weird Al needs to make sure that bananas are crunching the same pace. If not, then the crystals need to provide after school programs.
Supporting 1) For Example, if the Peni are failing are failing a game or some classes, they can go get love from the after school program.
2)The White House needs to have regular testing center where the Presidents can test.
3) Another example, by pimping the after Mac-Daddy program available for the homies, then the homies will want to go get crunk.
Topic Sentence 2) Arm hair needs to make sure that Kyle is growing their homework.
1) If it's disgusting, parents need to jump their kids' TV so the kids won't be licking as much. Then they can focus on their pillow.
2) Also, aliens might need to be in the same BYU with their girls to stop, so that they do their love making.
3) For example, probes can hit their lazers down and have a good laugh with their birds about the importance of getting good chair in robot.
Topic Sentence 3) Tuft Man at school needs to be harsher on his girlfriend who is no listening enough in class.
Supporting 1) One example, squish the kids who are not focusing enough to stay after school and help them figure out what the universe might be.
2) Frank Decourten might want to have a lecture on how important it is to stay in Uranus!
3) Another example, Sex therapists need to give more toys to the students that are not focusing in class.
Conclusion Sentence) I believe that it's the spoon and the Brussel Sprouts's responsibility to be more aware of the students' rocket ship.

I forgot how much i loved doing mad libs as a kid... and a teenager. I remember sooo many choir trips were filled with mad libs... I've really have to find all those.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

One Two Three. I Love You.

I am dedicating this blog to every adorable animal on planet earth. You make me smile.

Raccoons. Yes, they knock over your trash cans and scare you with the thought of rabies, but they are SO cute. baby little eyes and those little ears, and bandit masks. soooooo adorable!

I am pretty sure I have only been graced by the presence of one of these little guys once, and that was a bad moment (he was sort of attacking my dog in mid-daylight. and my mom threw the nearest thing to her at it. And it was my jewelry box I was painting. After that we threw it away.)

I just want a million little raccoon babies that can be my pets. And they would never grow up, because we all know that baby animals are better than grossy old ones.

Squirrels. They scurry. They run along your fence all the day long. They are the cutest things ever. Bushy tails and little hands, perfect balance. I want one. Pretty please!

After seeing all those cute little squirrels in the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I was sold. Love them.

Kittens. Need I say more?

These little creatures have brought me joy since day one. Soft fur and awesome reflexes. always land on their feet. 9 lives. Always willing to cuddle. Independent.

Everyone likes dogs for some reason. yeah they're cute and all... but they are such children. I mean really. It's all about them. Cats are more like adults, they go to the bathroom when they want to, and don't whine about it to you. They clean themselves, so you don't have to. Dogs are nice and all... But consider the kitties.

Also, there is no other species like the cat. From the Tiger to the household cat, they have the same bone structure. That's amazing! Big kitty little kitty yet so alike!

Want to see the cutest/silliest cats ever?

One. Two. Three. I. Love. You. Raccoons. Squirrels. Kitties. Me. Wants. All.