Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dear Claudio,

we'll make it if you believe.

thank you for keeping me company. my play count of all of your music is an incredible number.

Instead of State Reports and Math 86

I'm studying for my Sociology final which is tonight.

I. Theory of Differential Association
- How does a normal person step into violation of the norms?
1. Criminal behavior is learned
2. Learning techniques for committing crime
3. Motivation and drive, rationalization.
- Criminal action when there is an excess of definitions favorable to violating laws.
II. Labeling Theory: Self Fulfilling Prophecy
- Once a person is labeled, they are more prone to act out that behavior
- Self Fulfilling Prophecy-
1. You will act out with the label, if you believe in the label
2. Imagery (Picture this..)

Question. Why aren't kids in middle school being taught this? I think if I had the knowledge of these things as a kid, my urge to feel popular and accepted would have been obliterated completely. Instead, I spent my lunches being shunned by my friends, cut off all of my hair, and wore ridiculous clothing, including pink bowling shoes. Le sigh.

Question of the blog:
Whether it was the first at a new school, or just the most eventful, what is your most vivid memory of your first day of school?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Super 8

This is from 1974. It is a home movie from a Brazilian director. He, his brother, and father made this.

Super 8 - 1974 from Jarbas Agnelli on Vimeo.

View his other videos here.
i'd like to be more approachable-
not less weird.
-chloe sevigny

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Get Outta My Face

You know you've gone too far on Facebook when..
1. You join Mafia Wars.
2. You state you are married to your roommate, and your bffs are your children.
3. Your profile picture is of someone you don't know, it's just a really awkward photo.
Dang it, I'm 2 out of 3 now.

Hey remember when Facebook didn't look like this:

Pretty weird. Seems like just yesterday it looked like this:

Maybe that's because Facebook changes every day? Possibly. I preferred the pre-Twitter life. Let's go back even farther, down memory lane, to 2007. Seems like forever ago when we Facebooked like this:

That was my personal fave, to be honest. I liked the little man on the upper left corner. Did you know that Facebook was originally made for only Harvard Students? It then opened to other Boston colleges. Later expanding to all colleges and then high school, it then all went down hill when my mom added me.

This was the original Facebook in 2004, actually called Thefacebook. And now you, and I, and 350 million other people are creepily connected on a site that's only been around for 5 years. Crazy!
And now the privacy settings have completely changed, so if you haven't gotten on that, I would suggest you do it soon because a lot of people have totally unprotected profiles that anyone can look at. Yikes, no thanks.

Question of the blog:
In junior high school, I remember joining Hi5, and all of these weird social networking websites in hopes of being cool.. or something. What are some of the weird sites you used for social networking in the past?

Monday, December 14, 2009

Fish Tale.

Sorry for the lack of inspirational blogs lately. Seems as though my posts are more bland, the more complicated my life is. My one wish in the world would be to have long hair, so that at least I could have some pretty braids that would hold it all back from my face.

Good day, my readers. I hope I get interesting soon.
say a little prayer.

Pleasant Surprise!

Look look! New Years Resolutions from this year, and I'm almost all finished!!

1. Learn to be happy alone. - I am doing really well at this. The older I get, the more comfortable I am at being alone. Of course there is always room for improvement, so part check.
2. Get better sleep. Meaning no more staying up past 12:30 on a regular basis. - I go through week phases. This week has been decent? Around 1 am. But some weeks I am asleep by 11:30! Part check.
3. Spend lots of time with the little sister. When I was 13, I always felt very alone. - I've been trying really hard. With both of our busy schedules, I would say this is the best it's been all year. Check.
4. Improve/expand vocabulary. 'Nuff said. - I have been getting better at this. I'm not sure about expanding my vocabulary, but I speak more eloquently than I did in January. Check.
5. If not work at Camp Hammer this summer, at least volunteer for 2 weeks. -I worked at Wolf Mountain! Check!
6. Learn to control my emotions. - I'd say I'm doing much better at this one. Sure I have my girl moments, but I am more capable of controlling emotions and keeping them inside. Unless we're talking about movies.. in which case, that's another story! Check.
7. Stay fit! - I have been active recently, and I'm proud of my eating. And thank goodness for our Wii Fit! Check.
8. Read more books. -I've read quite a few books this year, but I have been slacking the past few months. I started a new one yesterday though, so I will go with a check.
9. Save money for new camera. Nikon D50? D80? - I bought a Nikon D60! It's my lil baby! Check.
10. learn to stand up for myself. Do what is best for me! - Yes! Check.
11. Stop being afraid that people will not like me. I realized that thats just life, and some people will like you and some people wont, and I shouldn't get as offended as I do. - I am so much more confident about myself than I was in January. I believe in myself. With this one, comes many thank yous to a few people who have taught me a lot about myself this year. Thank you! Check.
12. Get lots of more music. - I rocked this one this year. Check.
13. Watch more movies that I have never seen before. - I watched a multitude of movies in the spring, and have been pretty good at keeping up this fall. But all in all, I think this one deserves a check.

Only two I still need to really work on! This was a good year for resolutions.

Question of the blog:

How did your New Years Resolutions of 2009 go?


Today is one of those days.
So I crawl underneath my blanket
Where I can hide away
I know I can't take it

Question of the blog:
It's finals week, how do you feel?

Do Not Operate Machinery

Bad decisions, no motivation to boot.
Allergy pills make me so drowsy,
finals, really?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

You Know You've Worked There Too Long When...

Traditionally, every night before bed, my dad crosses my forehead with his thumb and says "God bless you, and keep you."
Then I do the same for him, but tonight was a little different.
As I was crossing him, I started saying, "Good evening, Sushi Q."

Wow. Good one, Zandra.

Friday, December 11, 2009

It'd Be The Cat's Meow If...

Can I ask you some advice? I'm ready to change my header/banner on my blog, but I'm not quite sure what direction to go for. What do you think? Really... any advice is good advice. Spill your heart in the comment box below.

Cat naps. Alexandra Seal 09

Tie Up Your Boots!

5 Things I Love About Winter

1. Fireplaces.
What could be better than cozying up with someone (boyfriend) in front of a warm fireplace? Gah. Love it.

2. Victorian Christmas.
For those who don't live in Nevada County, we have a night market with Christmas carolers and vendors and hot chocolate and it just sets the season. Best.

4. Christmas Music
I'm not talking about cheesy Christmas tunes revamped by Taylor Swift, I'm talking about Nat King Cole and company playing in our living room as we decorate the tree.

3. "Home for the holidays"
Helloooo, all my favorite people come home! What could be better than that?!

5. Christmas Dinner
Dressing up pretty, eating our classic meal, and plum pudding. Plum pudding, how I adore thee. The perfect wrap-up to a wonderful day

Question of the blog:
What is one of your favorite things about wintertime?

Just A Reminder...

I got a new phone! Hooray for old models but new phones for $45 on ebay! If you are a friend of mine, and have my number...
PLEASE text me with your name in the message. New phone, new contacts, starting off fresh. So if you haven't texted me with your information yet, don't expect me to call you any time soon, cause I ain't got yo info sucka!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Spinach and Cheese

Yay yay yay I love learning new things!
Yesterday I learned how to make handmade ravioli. I got the recipe from The Food Network.
It was so much fun! But sooo difficult. Enjoy the photos, and I encourage you to try making something new this Christmas season!

Happy holidays, my readers. And if you have anything in particular you would like me to blog about.. email your ideas to aalexandraseal(@)gmail(.)com
Thank you!

Question of the blog:
What was the last meal you made from scratch?

Private School

"Latin is only a quiz on chapter 40, because jesus loves me...
and seminar is going to rock so hard, its and oral final,
so its essentially a conversation with Mr. Ferrier
(who = socrates + santa claus) about awesomenesss"
-Annie Fisher

Monday, December 7, 2009

Cabin Fever After One Day

It's cold.
21 degrees outside right now.
My dad says that when it's late and I get tired, I get "weepy"
and tonight is one of those nights.
So as I hop into bed, here are some photos from today.
Philip, and whoever else who is reading this that might be missing home,
I send you my love and warm fuzzy feelings to cheer you up until you see the snowy hills of Nevada County again. Let's cross our fingers for another white Christmas, shall we?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cut Me Some Slack

I wish I knew someone who had a slackline.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Giving Up, Or Giving In.

In The Past

An old friend from camp just sent me a link to the Mount Hermon website, where we went together back in 2007. We were on the banner! I had to let out a laugh, remembering all the fun we had that week. I'm still smiling. What an amazing week that was.

Ah, one of the many memories we shared as a cabin.
Eating spaghetti lunch with no hands,
as well as ice cream. Oh the yesteryears!

Question of the blog:
What is one of your most fond memories from summer camp?