Thursday, December 30, 2010

Leading Ladies

As I spend my evening catching up on my most guilty pleasure shows and eating gluten free cinnamon raisin bread (surprisingly delicious), I though I might post something to hold you over for a few days. My best friend and I will be taking a trip to South Lake Tahoe for new years, and I am terribly excited.
Tonight, as I was driving home from the wake of a wonderful friend, I was discussing the topic of dream wives with an old friend from camp. As he laid down his list, which included Kesha and Joanna Newsom (of which I told him to never put the two in the same sentence again.. Joanna is a goddess), I thought I'd think up my own lesbian lovers list.. Which took about 5 seconds.

1. My definite number one is Mary-Kate Olsen. She is simply divine. I have been in love with MK since I can remember living in America. My sister Moorea and I used to watch the Olsen videos, and Moorea (named Ashley at the time) was always Ashley, and I was MK. And how incredible that in her 24 years on earth she and her sister have created an empire on their names? Her episodes in Weeds, as well as parts in The Wackness and Factory Girl... In conclusion, it's meant to be.

2. Natalie Portman is next in line. Not only is she an amazing actress but she is stunning, and can rap. And she gets triple points for being one of the only women on this earth that can rock a shaved head better than any man. She is beyond fierce. Garden State, Paris Je T'aime, V for Vendetta... You mesmerize me.

3. The third on my list is always up for change, but currently Jessica Zsohr is in the lead. I have a deep dark obsession with Gossip Girl. I admit it. I love it! Primarily for the fashion, and then next up for all the beautiful people that are in love with each other, of which I'd never have a chance at any of them. So I live vicariously through my computer and 72 minute intervals of Megavideo.

Question of the blog:
Fess up ladies and gents, who is your woman/man crush?


Moorea Seal said...

Haha I love this. I've never watched gossip girl. but eh, i guess shes hot.

I need to think about this hmmmm ladies ladies ladiiies

julia said...

My favourite is Carrey Mulligan.She is very gorgeous.