Thursday, January 26, 2012

Young Adults

I'm just saying..
If, when you bring your family to a fancy sushi restaurant, you also have to bring an iPad so your 5 year old can play games on high volume the entire meal, there's obviously some parenting issues going on. For goodness sake, the only person paid to deal with that is a babysitter, not a waitress. The way my parents raised me was a little like this: I played, I had fun, I could be loud, but when I needed to be on my best behavior, I was on it. No excuses. I rarely see that as a waitress.
The things that I will not allow when I am a parent.

Question of the blog:
Do you think you'll ever have children?


Chrissy said...

I have an 8 year old daughter and she is loud and she does play and have tons of fun, BUT she knows exactly how to behave in public and we've never been the family that annoys everyone else in a public place, in fact, we are the ones who are annoyed by those others that you described!

Allie said...

Yes, I definitely want kids. But that means that I'll have to give up some of the things I do now, like going out often. And when I go out, I will leave the kiddos with a sitter so that I can enjoy time with my partner and not make others angry ... because kids will be kids.

Zackery Humphreys said...

Eventually. Not before I have a stable job and life though. The last thing I want it to have a kid when nothing is ready. I feel like that's the root of some of the bad parenting out there. They just weren't ready.