Wednesday, June 6, 2012


This month, I get to celebrate my darling Newo Ikkin. Last year, she adopted me into her heart. In these twelve months, we have traveled over 7 states, we've moved to San Diego together, we camped, backpacked, hiked, and played a minimum of 365 games of ball.
Our lives have been totally different since we've been together. I've learned a lot of patience, as well as putting her before me. I've learned to love someone completely, despite their flaws; and I think she has, too. It's been a wild adventure so far, and I can't wait to spend many more years with my little Woofus. She does a perfect job at loving me, through her affectionate heart and her persistent nature. Even in the darkest moments of the last year, she has been a great light for me. It's so comforting to know that, even if she is an animal, she loves me unconditionally. And I love her too. Mushy gushy, stuff, I know. Get over it.

Question of the blog:
JUNE is also the month that I get to celebrate my sweet sister's birthday. We live two states away, so it is very hard to get together to celebrate with her. I hope I see her again soon. What does the month of June represent for you?

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Moorea Seal said...

i RUV her! and i love you! I wish I had a private jet/hover craft/hover couch that I could take on trips to visit you all the time!
xo Moorea