Thursday, July 5, 2012

Work It Out

Afraid that I will get the feeling that I won't leave, I have been refusing to set up my desktop computer in my family's house. Instead, I've been using our "old" lap top, which chooses when to play sounds or not, and is unable to work without being plugged in.
Alas, I have lost 3 versions of my resume today, as well as spending 2 hours filling in an online template that ended up wanting to charge me $6 just to save the final product. Needless to say, I am beyond fed up with writing my Experiences and Skills. Or lack thereof.
I have been invited to live in a very interesting home, ironically down the street from my family's house. I think this is going to be an incredible experience. Lots of learning, lots of loving, lots of creativity and minds being open and hearts being worked.
Please, God, open my heart and my eyes to see the beauty in all people. Please send me reminders that I am loved and that I am making the right decisions. Please inspire my imagination through these new experiences. I am going to wake up tomorrow, and this is all going to work.


Mollie Underwood said...

you are loved and making the right decisions!

Chelsie said...

your life is one grand adventure, Z, and the way you just go for new things inspires me. You will be just fine.

Moorea Seal said...

Love you and praying that the challenges of the year to come are only making you a better, wiser, strong, and more full person :) sometimes the greatest challenges make us the best versions of ourselves.
xo moorea

Unknown said...

Hello, Hello Alexa!

So I was recently at three straight SF Giants games out here in DC and I couldn't help thinking about you each night. Perhaps because I recall you wearing a Giants shirt? Or maybe it was the memory of you making humorously affectionate comments about Tim Lincecum? Both, probably, but the whole truth is that I kept seeing all these fun and awesome looking SF Giants fans that reminded me of you and your Cali life.(um, there were a TON of Giants fans present at each game and they were all SO NICE. My best friend, who's from San Jose, was rocking his replica Lincecum jersey, had allies in orange and black sitting all around him.)

So How are you? Gosh, it really has been a while, so I hope this is still a welcome message. Despite the time that's gone by, there's an old adage says "Strike while the iron is hot." I'm not about to argue with the writers of old adages :-P

Frankly, I didn't even know if I'd be able to say hello to you, but I remembered your blog's name! And since I don't know how else to contact you, (I'm super-duper NOT on the interwebs anymoar) a blog comment will have to suffice. More than anything, I just hope it makes you smile to know you are remembered.

Cheerfully, @cjw

P.S. If you can see my contact info on this comment, I would love to hear about how life is treating you.