Saturday, May 22, 2010

Conviction Killed The Cat?

Growing up, I was raised with firm beliefs in justice and standing up for what is right. This has led me deeply into psychology and sociology. I recently found this tv show called What Would You Do?, where people are put in situations that are controversial, uncomfortable, or without a doubt wrong. After watching these episodes, I am filled with such conviction to stand up for what I believe in. I encourage you to watch this show, and think to yourself what you would do in situations like these. (Full episodes on Hulu HERE)
You never know the importance of your voice, unless you use it.

I hope that by watching these and other clips from this show, you will be willing to stand up for victims of all kinds. It's our job in this world to help and love each other. Everyone has the right to be protected, so do your part and make this world a better place.

Question of the blog:
Are you the type of person to stand up for what is right, or do you think it's better to stay out of the situation?

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Christopher Seal said...

It depends on the situation. Most times I can't stop myself from doing something because of all the things I don't like, I hate injustice and oppression the most.