Thursday, May 27, 2010

Live, Laugh, Love

So maybe I'm a total Bitter Betty today, but I have always had a problem with this American obsession with the phrase "live, laugh, love". Mainly because when I think, if I could minimize my goals in life into three words, starting with L, I usually don't think of those three. Sure they're all great, but doesn't "living" just come naturally in life? So that's already a given. Laughing is nice, but I think the "learning" I have done in my life has been so much more meaningful and beneficial in creating who I am today. "Love" is an interesting thing. I encourage you to really find what you consider to be love, not some Americanized meaning that ends unhappily.
"Love as if you've never loved before." If you've never loved before, take this piece of advice. Never forget any moment of love in your life. Every drop of love you experience shapes you into the love you will keep forever. I have loved a few special beings in my life, and forgetting those times would erase very vital information I have learned through my experiences on this earth. Through love, I have learned what I want in love, what I deserve as a human being and as a woman of God. I have learned what love can be and what love will never be. And I am still learning! Through trial and error, and mistakes and success, you learn what love is for you.
So yes, I encourage you to live, and to laugh, and to love, but know there's a lot more to life than three words that are hung up on your door frame.

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