Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Girl, I Can't Stay

I am preparing for school in the fall.
It's getting really exciting, finding things to bring to school, what to pack, dates and times... So this blog is really a question, which is..

Question of the blog:
Would you like to join me on this adventure? Should I start blogging about preparations? Would you like to see photos of what I'm bringing and have bough for school? Let me know.


JD said...

Alexandra, Please please please blog about preparations, I would love to see more photos. That purple is great and I miss you a lot. Your planning is so inspiring and I am so so so proud of you and I love you. I love that you are taking this incredible adventure and planning your life ahead. You can start anywhere, I want to spend time with you and even stay with you in San Diego, life back home in Nevada City has become unimaginable at this point. But I feel encouraged when I think of family and friends. Love always, Jillian

julia said...

Yes yes yes!
I am looking forward to seeing preparations!
love you,good luck for the new adventure!

Mollie Underwood said...

would love to hear about (and see) preparations!

Moorea Seal said...

yea i wanna see!!!! and i want to hear EVER detail!