Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer Winds Will Send You Home

(Yellowstone National Park. By Alexandra Seal.)

Wild grass, wet, untamed,
blows in the wind like my baby's hair.
Dense forest to blanket the ground,
you're safe and sound.
Wrap my arms around you,
warm wind, call this home.
Rivers bend like veins to your heart,
pumping life in and through,
right up to your doorstep.
So baby, open that door and let the light in.
It's time to let me in.
Winding roads through tall pines,
dancing with lavendar petals,
tapping toes of yellow and green.
We saw wildlife near and far,
looking up we saw the stars.


JD said...

Love. You are an amazing poet, I feel right there in those minor moments and memories you've written.

Christopher Seal said...


Christopher Seal said...

I love this stuff.