Wednesday, August 18, 2010

East To West, and West To South

Two days late, but nevertheless...
16 years ago, I moved to Nevada City, California.

Illustration by Moorea Seal.
And now, this Friday, I start a new adventure in San Diego, California. I'm packing my bags, and heading South.

Question of the blog:
In your life, where have you lived? Where has been your favorite place to live?


julia said...

what a lovely and beautiful baby you were!
and you still are!
I am your follower from Turkey.My favourite place to live is 'Bodrum' and 'Istanbul' in Turkey.
Hope you have a great andventure with your big smile.

Reuben said...

i've lived in southern california, italy, spain, argentina, japan, and washington state. my favorite is def so cal but moving to NYC could change that

enjoy san diego!!