Sunday, August 22, 2010

I Guess This Is My Dissertation

Wake up, Mista West.
I just slept a total of 4 hours in my new bed, in my new suite, in my new city.

The sun rose with the clouds, white and gray, with the prettiest faded blue jean sky. I continue to connect with my surroundings, and try to remember, I'm not leaving. San Diego has always been my weekend getaway, a mini vacation. This is life now.
Hang up my prayer flags, turn on the lamp, place my toothbrush in the mason jar. Target runs, coffee breaks, but for now I just have sleepy eyes and a full day ahead.

Good morning.


Mollie Underwood said...

you look adorable. have fun. and i'm visiting when i'm near.

Heaven said...

Ahh. College life Target runs are priceless. I feel like I want to get some prayer flags too.

JD said...


Moorea Seal said...

ok so, you are living in a suite? aka, you have your own room and your own QUEEN SIZE BED? what!!!!???
I have literally never been to, or visited a college where they legitimately have suites, beds that are bigger than a twin...i am jealous.