Thursday, September 23, 2010

California Knows How To Party

It's that time of year...
The weather starts to change..
You know you're in Southern California in the Fall when girls are wearing mini skirts with their Ugg Boots.

Despite this and other nauseating moments in California's history, one of our biggest redeeming qualities are the songs that are written about California. So sit back and enjoy some of my favorite California dedicated tunes.

Joni Mitchell - California (Live 1970)

Phantom Planet - California (2001)

Joanna Newsom - In California (2010)

Tupac Shakur - California Love (1995)

Question of the blog:
What state are you from?
Do you have any favorite songs written for your state/city?

1 comment:

Chelsie said...

She is from New Hampshire and she says she's gonna see it all.