Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Smoke, It Rises

Where this path leads
Writing to my lost one
A bitter sense of mourning

I know where this path leads
The wax falls down like tears
Smoke sends you heavenwards

And I am left in silence
With seasons ever changing
Our time stands still

Question of the blog:
First I'd like to preface this and let you know, this is just a cigar. I'm not downs for any other smoking devices. But you do what you want. Just throwing it out there, for me.? k...cooool..

This started off as a letter, but through writing it over and over, this is all I could get out. So this letter is for you, and you know I'm not saying sorry, but my sympathies for not sending it.

SO, the question is, do you like writing letters? Do you like receiving letters/packages in the mail?

1 comment:

julia said...

I love both!
but anybody does not write a letter at all.ıt's a bad thing.
I miss the old days very much.