Friday, November 26, 2010

Dream Interpreters Welcome

I was there, with you, in an apartment unlike the real one. There was a small dog, and as I held it, I saw his wire teeth, sharp and metal. They bit into my hand and my life blood was pouring out, all of it. I went outside. I got a phone call. We talked like nothing ever happened, you sounded just like yourself, your voice so clear it was as though you were right next to me. We were friends, it was so beautiful. I went to my sibling's apartment, but she left me. I was there with my father, and out of nowhere came a young, pretty little black cat. I was scared, I didn't know what to do. I put her in the bathroom, but the door was raised so high from the ground I knew the cat could escape. Panicked, I called my sister to ask what to do, and she was shocked to hear of a cat in her house. She was convinced the cat had hatched from an egg under her bed, that her previous cat must have laid the egg before she left. Frantic, I pushed a towel under the door of the bathroom so the cat would not escape, and my first thought was, she is starving. I ran down the street, so afraid I would be the cause of the death of this poor kitten. My legs became weak and wobbly, I lost myself trying to find a Petco. I found it, and as I walked in, a girl from my past walked by. She was pregnant, and looked beautiful. I was unnoticed. I could not find the food for the kitten. As I ran to the last aisle, my legs giving out, I began to wake up.

Stay asleep.. Stay asleep.

I made my own destiny now. My legs were strong. I knew exactly where the food was, and I had enough money to buy her the best. As I walked out, my favorite family from my childhood was there, they were celebrating in a crowd. They were joyful, for the first time in years. We saw each other, and I smiled. I was running home to feed the cat, and then I opened my eyes.


Dusty Carr said...

I believe this is much related to a Chinese fortune cookie I once read: "feed a stray cat and you will be happy"

Jillian Downs said...