Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Storm Is Coming, Frank Says.

How can I say it any better? Looking down, the water curls into itself. Record highs. It swallows me whole as I focus on my heart beat. On wooden planks over the ocean, ready to be taken away. Old souls, mixed up mind, and again the pier shakes like an earthquake. The water rises, then falls. I am still looking down. As the host stares into me, I try to turn away, but I am drawn to you. Power and pain. Close to tragedy. Putting my walls up in preparation for the storm. I don't want it. I separate. I look to my cornerstone, who embraces it all. To be ready and willing for all things, oh how I long to be more like you. I can see a lot of life in you. Remain facing the waves, like a bird, plunging into the water. Do you look back at me? Let me rest. I am not afraid to die, to see you.

At last.

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