Friday, May 13, 2011


Image Via WeHeartIt
I have been having super vivid dreams lately, and about one thing in particular. A puppy. My puppy. The breed keeps changing, from Siberian Husky to German Shepard to other littler pups, and as these dreams progress I only want one more! As I wander up and down the West coast this summer, there's nothing I would love more than have a little companion like a puppy to join me for my travels. Of course, my living situations as well as everything would be a little more complicated if I had one... A girl can still dream, right?
Dear dog of my dreams... Here I am.

Question of the blog:
If you could have any pet, what animal would you have?


Christopher Seal said...

I want to get a Tibetan Terrier puppy! Seriously.

Jenny said...

I have three chihuahuas at home, but if I could choose from any animal in the world, it would be a pygmy goat. They are so freaking cute.