Monday, May 16, 2011

To Sleep Or Celebrate

Took a nap just so I could stay up until midnight tonight. It's my 21st birthday tomorrow, and I'm so excited! But I'm so tired I'd rather just go to bed than stay up. This whole "getting old" deal is not as great as it sounded!

I had a really random dream where I was talking about Etsy during a meal, and this girl thought I was talking about the meat. The next meal I went to, I heard someone ask her what was in the ravioli and she said "Oh, it's Etsy."
So random.

Question of the blog:
What was your most memorable birthday?


Allie said...

I'm so glad your sis gets to come down and celebrate with you!

For my 23rd birthday, my closest friends and I went to this lovely house on the beach for the weekend. It was such a blast. Really beautiful.

Christopher Seal said...

My 30th, cause that was the day my nephew was born.