Thursday, October 20, 2011

Follow Through

This is why I am proud of myself today:

I am a hard worker, and I am blessed. Thanking God every day for the godparents I had is my joy in life. I put myself through massage school, and have paid for everything on my own and with the help of the money my godparents left me when they passed away. Throughout these past 6 weeks, I have worked while going through school, and put everything in my life aside for this goal of becoming a massage therapist. Today, I passed my final with a 91%, and received my new EarthLite Harmony DX massage table in the mail. I'm not a very proud person, but today I can't help but smile at the amazing things I have done for myself. I have followed my dream through, I have worked my ass off to afford everything, and pained through tendinitis in both hands to receive my certificate. I am proud of myself today, and I know I deserve it. I have learned so much, and intend to keep learning and growing and getting better at what I love to do. I am so happy.

Question of the blog:
Why are you proud of yourself today?

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