Sunday, October 9, 2011

New Song

The sun moves toward the west
And we spend its last hour in our back yard. I lay in a hammock by myself, and watch the dogs as they play with each other around me. My skin feels as if it is glowing. The sun shines on my face and I feel a warmth that rarely comes to me anymore. I am at peace, I feel a serenity come over me, and I am not so alone. Rocked back and forth as if I was a baby once again, birds sing a new song high in the trees. Autumn is among us, and I feel it in the cold brick on my feet, the smell of trees and the sight of early evenings. My mouth does not open often, and my vocabulary is small, but I am busy with my thoughts and in my hands. I am not so alone.
I am not so alone.

Question of the blog:
Where have you found peace?


Adam K said...
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Adam K said...

This is a very pretty post, Alexandra. You write very well and with enormous emotion. I suppose I find peace in the stillness of nature. For me, it isn't complete peace without reflecting upon the Creator and resting in the wonder of His works. That puts me on the mental and spiritual path to the enjoyment of His mercy and grace and love, which brings me a joyful and thankful peace. Peace out.

Chelsie said...

this is beautiful. you write so beautifully. I am linking this, because it moved me that much and because I found peace while standing infront of the Tetons this last weekend. Love you, long time, baby Z.