Monday, April 30, 2012


<p>First day back at "work" in san diego. Currently sitting in the Target parking lot while Alex naps. I am in a dilemma, because I need dog food and new pants (I have a massive rip in the crotch of my jeans), but don't have enough for both. Also I have no food. Newo pups comes first, though. Which is humbling, and of course I do it with joy. <br>
I am practicing serving with joy. In Israel, I was able to practice all the time, and the repetition was so good for me.
In short, my trip to the Holy Land was nothing short of life-changing. Not only was it a vacation from EVERYTHING I consider to be normal life, but it was everything I needed to be inspired in my walk as a Christian woman.
I saw Jewish women my age, weeping in the Western Wall tunnels at midnight. I rode on a boat across the sea of Galilee, and swam in the Jordan River. I drank wine in Cana, and sang in a church in Tabgha. I walked the streets of the old city, and received blessings from a Coptic priest. I saw Golgotha, and touched the walls of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem.
It was all amazing. I practiced patience, experienced bible stories, sang ancient hymns, ate REAL Mediterranean food. My only regret is not forcing Andy to come with me. I missed him terribly. I missed my dog. I missed speaking to Miles, being challenged by his words and being inspired to be the best of myself.
But now, I am home, and what I keep with me from this trip consists of photos, memories, and a few trinkets. Just a few days ago, as I looked across Armageddon and the Carmel Valley, I wept as I felt the spirit comfort me, for I did not want to leave. But as life goes, we are continually moving, growing, exploring. And I am thankful for each blessing. It's bittersweet to be home, but my memories wont fade.

And I'l be back.

650 photos to sift through, once they're edited, I'll post them here. A huge thank you to Miles for reminding me of my passion to sing and to photograph. Without that reminder, this trip would have been nothing.

I've attached the only picture on my phone I took on the trip. Hopefully that holds you over until the real ones come.

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Moorea Seal said...

I so look forward to seeing photos from your incredible trip my sweet sister. And I hope we can go there together some day <3

Lets have a skype date sometime soon, yea? And I'm planning on saving my dollars so I can come see you in late july or August. When does the family go on their trip?

xo Moorea