Monday, April 16, 2012


I knew as I started packing 3 days ago, that I was going to be up late tonight, finishing the deed. I leave for Israel in less than 10 hours now, and no zippers are zipped, no bags closed. FOCUS!


Moorea Seal said...

go woman go! I'm so excited for your adventures and I hope you guys stay super duper safe <3 Dad has signed me over as Bella's guardian for while you guys are gone and he gave me his will. Lets be real, those things kind of freak me out and having me avildly praying for safety for you guys. I couldn't handle losing my sister and parents suddenly. Be safe, celebrate your journey, soak it in, have fun and relish every moment. I love you sister. come home safe.
xo Moroea

Mollie Underwood said...

thinking about you lots. safe travels and have an amazingg time. love you

Dorothy Explor'r said...

aw :) i trust you're enjoying your travels as i type this! i'm looking forward to seeing still images of your venture to the other side of the world! how absolutely fascinating!