Tuesday, March 12, 2013

His Wings

Through the years, I watched as he grew like trees, though swaying in the wind, ever stronger. I think he feared me, for some unknown reason. Was it that I showed him new life when other were still wrapped up in the past? One time, moons before now, he held my hand, and it did feel like home. I look back with positive thoughts.. my intentions were good, and for once someone saw it.
We danced today. Through lush fields of green that would surely fade to camel in the coming weeks. He was a free bird, yet he never stayed far away. I watched him in his open state, he is grounded and graceful. I saw his heart open to the sky when he lifted his arms, his wings. Looking upwards as the summer rains fell, the moon man released all the love within. He caught raindrops on his tongue, spinning in circles with arms outstretched. As I wept with joy, I knew what was next.. he was free to go back to the universe.

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