Monday, March 4, 2013

The Canopy

I wandered.
Through valleys, at first.

But I chose to face West, and I headed towards the woods. To the omnipotent redwoods, where green vines wrap closely to them. All is connected, interwoven with deep layers of beauty. And mysteries. My feet are grounded, pressed firmly to nature's floor. I plant my broken bones and allow the veins in my body to descend underground. Body grows below and above; as I become deeply rooted, I am extended. Ascended. It is all known to everyone. My arms reach upward to find the strength of the sun. Moments become time, days become ages. I yearn for the stars, but the elders hang over and hide me from freedom. Patience is my only hope, as I press on into the earth, building roots into the unknown.

Has it been a moment, years, centuries since I first sank into this ground? My bones are tired, but they remain strong. Often, in the dead of night, I long to uproot myself and continue in the desert. Will I always feel this way.. so empty, so estranged?

But then, sunrise. I am touched, I feel the warmth of not being by myself, yet I don't know who is by me. It is a radiant light filled with warmth. The Comforter. I am reaching the top, I am finally there. The Canopy.

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