Friday, April 12, 2013


Greeted with a smile,
We exchange hello's and I receive.
Close the door into my safe zone
And I sat down, alone, and wondering.
My fingers grazed the box in front of me,
Wandering every corner before opening it.
The room was dark, as was my heart
The mail was foreign, difficult to open.
I would be lying if I wasn't honest,
Did I even want this love?
My hands opened my gift, and out of nowhere..

The ceiling opened up
Revealing the bright blue sky
Cloudless, with blossoms raining
I was amazed to see such a wonder
But I wasn't shaken.. I was home
I looked down to look at the mail
Which opened itself
Like a chick leaving its shell
And colors came forth
Blue, red, yellow, childlike hues
Inflated in front of my eyes
And balloons grew out of the box
I watched as they released from their space,
And descended into the sky
They let go
As did I that day

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