Sunday, December 28, 2008

Boredom Takes Over

Stole this from my friends at BYU. What interesting questions!

5 Random blurbs of my personal philosophy:

1. Everything is beautiful
2. Everything will fall into place
3. Music is all around us.
4. God will not leave you.
5. Learn real love, and then you will create peace in the world.

5 Questions circulating in my head right now:

1. How do I make myself motivated to get good grades?
2. What happens when Mike leaves?
3. How do I fix the relationships I have messed up recently...
4. Why am I not considering the lilies? 
5. Am I being unreasonably mean to myself lately?

5 lines that are currently stuck in my head:

1. Tis a gift to be simple, tis a gift to be free...
2. It all will fall, fall right into place.
3. I'm happy just because, I found out I am really no one.
4. Oh blessed am I, that I may sing thy devotion. Oh blessed am I, that I may sing. Oh blessed am I.
5. I believe in a free Narnia.

5 things that bother you:

1. Ingenuine smiles.
2. Plaque.
3. Bad parenting.
4. Apethy in friendships.
5. Knee caps.

5 things that I think about when I'm told to go to my happy place:

1. Sleep
2. Comfortable sofas
3. Looking at the stars
4. Cafe Mekka
5. Nicaragua

5 things I want people to know about myself

1. I don't care about myself, but if you hurt one of my friends I will stick it to the man.
2. I am constantly working on improving myself, whether it be physically, spiritually, or emotionally.
3. My life seems to be going to fast. 
4. I am overwhelmed by beauty. I cry often just because I am so captivated by God's imagination
5. What I want most in life is to be a wife, a mother, and a Christian. 

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