Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Travels

All is dark as we make our way to Sacramento. I wake up occasionally to Bella taking the entire back seat over, and I scrunch up to the window. Five in the morning. My thermos works  exceedingly well, and as I write this at 8:30 at night, I am finally able to drink the tea I made 15 1/2 hours ago. I woke up to fields all around us, and they were playing tricks on my eyes. Close to Bakersfield…We stopped at a Chevron station. In the bathroom, with no toilet seats (sick.), someone had scratched,
“Jesus is Lord -
Messiah -
Believe -
Repent -Live Forever”
Into the paper towel dispenser. Of course, we played the Chanticleer Christmas album, and sang along to it all. Oh, choir. How I miss you.

I feel like I should not be in my car, but Mike’s old Honda Civic with him, Annie, and Molly. We should be listening to Jason Mraz as we drive through the dinosaur mountains and making faces at everyone  in Philip’s car.
Over the summer, some of my best friends and I road tripped down to Seal Beach and went to Disneyland. We wanted to go again before Mike went on his mission and Brian did his internship, but it didn’t work out. Oh well. I would have liked to spend new years at Disneyland with them.
I’m glad to have these couple of days to spend with my grandparents, although I am sad I am not going to be in Disneyland tomorrow like we all wanted.

Chanticleer fills my ears with wonderful sounds.
Failed attempts at watching August Rush.
Chapters of Stardust.
We roll down the windows to feel the salty air, and my fly-aways tickle my face.
In Seal Beach, we go on an In N Out run. Always a must.
Christmas seems gone, and the beach is in eyesight.
My thoughts are scattered, and I want to be home for New Years… But I don’t think I will be…I wish I had internet at my grandparents.

As I look around here, I don’t think I could ever call Los Angeles home. Give me the mountains, small towns, community, winding roads and four seasons. The forest, and fields. Flannel for the cold nights. The River! The smell of nature and the rain. Clear nights where all the stars are shining for you. Small book stores. Yes, yes, yes!
I sit at Portfolio Café, drinking a latte and glancing down at my henna tattoos on my feet. I should probably cut my fingernails.

Tomorrow, we shall spend our gift cards like champs at Nordstrom Rack.
Lunch on the balcony of my great Uncle's apartment in Laguna Hills.
We will lay on the beach, but the water will surely be too cold to swim in.
I'll take my chances and wear my awesome yellow swimsuit, and wade in the waters of champions. 


Rachel.d.Hurley said...

that was really really amazing writing.

Alexandra said...

Thank you so much! You are so kind =]

Anna Boggs said...

im speechless. i cant lie.