Friday, June 18, 2010

A Day In The Life Of A College Kid

Today, I am putting together my schedule for school this fall. San Diego is becoming more and more of a reality. I can't wait! So here's the deal, I've got morning classes Monday through Thursday, World Religions, English, and Math. Now, I must add an art class I'm not really interested in taking.. Or maybe I should just take Spanish?

5 UNITS? Really? For a Spanish class? If you add the word "requirement" to anything, you know I'll be unmotivated. I'll think about it. Until then..

I'm taking my vitamins and am going to prepare for some singing with old friends. Today, I am happy for the music in my life, and my wonderful boyfriend who I miss incredible amounts.

Question of the blog:
Are you in school? What are you taking this fall? If you're not in school, what are your plans for the fall?

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Moorea Seal said...

Im still in Seattle in the fall.....blllllllllaaaaa boo. but max will be here so thats cool. i kind of want to move somewhere smaller now...