Monday, June 21, 2010

This Year, Baby

I am shopping for school this fall. I've never done this before, so it's a totally new and fun experience of lists! Of course, Andy thinks my choice of bedding is ridiculous, but I love these. My suite is all wood paneling, so I need something to brighten up the room, you know? I was also thinking of buying material and just covering one of the walls. We'll see. Until then, if you're interested in what my home for the next year will look like, watch this video of Alliant International University tour. If you're just looking for what my suite will look like, jump to 4:54 in the vid. I really enjoy how so many of my friends are interested in my life, and what my plans are in life. Thank you, that is so motivating for me in many aspects of my life, with blogging, photography, starting new adventures, and doing what's best for me. You are all such lovely people, and I thank you for the support.

Question of the blog:
How was your housing the first year you moved away?
Out of the four pieces of bedding above, which would you choose?

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BagelBeauty said...

Hi! I love making lists haha. Its funny that I stumbled upon your blog because I'm doing the same thing! It's so fun. I actually had my first year of college last fall. Maybe I'll make that my first post ever on this site, I only ever took one picture of it (its really funny though), but I really liked where I stayed, I miss it alot. Now I'm moving into an apartment that I get to paint and decorate. I'm thinking about painting one or two of the walls orange because its my favorite color and I want to go bold. My work computer is a little slow if ya know what I mean, so I couldn't watch the vid but I really like those bed sets. I would choose either the one with the fern lookin' plant on the grey background or the purple one :)