Saturday, June 12, 2010

Moving Forward

I have a dear friend from the East coast that is living in Idaho for the time being. In July, I will be visiting her and another lovely soul who is from the Northwest. We will be colliding all of our coasts and personalities and photos and ideas and adventures into 9 days full of complete and utter madness, and I mean that in the best possible way.
Chelsie, Symone, and I all met about a year and a half ago. Through now-somewhat-estranged friends, and some very life changing moments, I connected with these two and have remained good friends with them ever since. Last year they visited my home, so now I'm going to visit theirs! I can't wait for the adventures that take place. Among the many are:
1. The dunes plus bonfire
2. Yellowstone National Park
3. Bear World
4. Jackson Hole
5. Salt Lake City
6. Grand Teton National Park
7. Kitten shelter
I was hoping for a great summer adventure, and I am so grateful to have this opportunity to reconnect with friends I haven't seen in a while, and visit places I have never been to! I love traveling, I love exploring, I love adventuring, I love friends.

This summer has already been filled with many let downs, and changes in plans, but I am learning to make the best of the situations I am in. Turning those hardships into new opportunities has been a blessing to me.
God is teaching me continually, in the difficult places where He calls me to completely rely on His plan, to the blessings of relationships where love is truly moving. At this moment I am especially thankful for my lovely boyfriend, who is not only a person who inspires me to pursue what I love, but a man who encourages me to do the best I can, and to remain committed to what I do in life. But I'll brag about him more in another blog. hehe
As of now, I am feeling complete. I am so overwhelmed by God's work in my life. Where You go, I go.

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I go to school in Salt Lake :)