Friday, January 14, 2011

Rules Of A Gentleman

Men with manners. What could be better in this world? In my life, I have met a few fine specimen that will forever raise my standards on how gentlemen should be a gentlemen. Call me old fashioned, and I will say thank you. I refuse to let go of my British roots, nor will I give up the idea that I will be a badass hostess at bangin' dinner parties when I am older. I like when men pull out my chair at dinner, I like when men smoke cigars in suits, I especially like it when they treat me like a lady. And as a lady, I like to dress up nicely, take notice and care on my significant other's needs, and make lovely food.
Class is what class is built on. Mmm, tradition. I love you.

Question of the blog:
What do you especially like in a personality of the opposite sex?

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Heaven said...

My mom owns this book called How to be a Gentleman, and it is essential. Should be given upon the birth of any boy.