Thursday, January 27, 2011


I'll be doing my best, and I'll see you soon.

Question of the blog:
The wind is blowing. The sun has gone to bed, but the moon stays up with you. As this song wraps you in its arms, and comfort fills the heart inside of you, your thoughts are here.
What are your thoughts?
Free association here.

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Chelsie said...

I find myself closing my eyes every few hours and trying to see you; try to feel you. The suit, crisp and freshly pressed, and a tie knotted neatly around your neck. And the name tag, the one you are finally getting to wear. I am filled with longing. a voice has been quieted for a long time and i am hollow, like a fake christmas tree. Still lookin okay, but not producing any life. Falling asleep without you for the third night in the row and I pray hard and my hand tremble and my pillow is drenched in tears and black mascara as I ask for one more night, for one more moment, for one more second in your arms in Narnia with you.
and the quiet pulse of acoustic guitar seeps from your speakers propped on my desk, and the words of one of our favorite songs from your mix cd fill my room and you surround me here in this lonely town in every way possible and I feel you in every corner of every street and i miss your laugh at every table in the cafeteria and i see your back to me as you ride your bike down the hill and i feel the wind in my hair as i stretched my arms out on the back of a motor bike as we coasted down our favorite road and you screamed at the top of your lungs that you loved me and you are everywhere, down to the chipped blue nail polish on my toes and i miss you and i miss you and i miss you.
But I'm doing my best. I am doing my best and through a telescope lens, I'll see you soon.