Monday, March 14, 2011

Come And Go

And the days come to you like sailors, you watch them as they drift away,
they meet the sunrise out at the horizon.

It's been a good weekend. I am very tired, still getting over this stupid cold I've had for 8 days. People that live on campus are moving back home, and it is very sad for everyone. The campus is quiet, the nights are more lonely for everyone, but it's really inspired me. The friends I've been meeting are all a part of the EF program, where they come and stay in San Diego (or wherever an Education First program is) and they live here as students, and learn English. They go to class on week days, and party on weekends. Unfortunately, they don't really experience the full American lifestyle, since it's all foreign kids living with other foreign kids. So I am really going to push my friendships with them, in hopes that they will want to journey with me and learn more about how I live my life down here. Even though I live pretty basically down here, it's still more than they get to experience. To see someone have a good time in the short time they live here, I'd do a lot. Whether it's driving them to the beach, or taking them to my favorite coffee shop, it's worth it for them and worth it for me. There's nothing like making new friends through experiences together.
So more adventures, more traveling, more late nights, more beach days.
Let the good times roll.

Question of the blog:
If you could live in ANY country, and live as a student learning their language, where would you go?

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Allie said...

France. Cliche, but I left my heart there. And French is the most beautiful language