Thursday, March 3, 2011

Left You Out To Dry

I've been a bit incognito lately. Avoiding most calls, some texts. I haven't taken many photos worth posting, haven't posted photos on Facebook in weeks, rarely post on here, or on any other sites I use.

To fill you in, here's my current status.
Long hair, wet and untamed. Post-gym, post-Stats exam, I am tired and ready for rest. I legtimitately sleep-walked the other night, and it really scared me. Been out and about, learning how to shoot good photos on film. Making so many new friends, from all over the world.. Switzerland, Denmark, Chile, Venezuela. I appreciate the university I live at. One of my oldest friends got married last weekend, I'll post photos later. I miss my best friend. Remaining busy, trying hard in school, playing, living life.

Sorry I sort of hung you guys out to dry and didn't check back in for a while.. I promise I'll get back on a decent schedule soon..

Question of the blog:
You've just woken up from a beautiful sleep. The light is shining through the blinds, creating a beautiful bar code across your floor and onto your sheets. It's morning, and blues and greens tell you that it's going to be a good day.
What do you do first?


DanielA said...

Soak it in. Go grab a bowl of cereal and enjoy it for what its worth.

Allie said...

Turn on a really good song to soundtrack the morning!

Mimi Sison said...

Stretch all across my bed and thank God for the awesome day ahead with my eyes still closed :)