Thursday, April 7, 2011

Clean Sheets and Christmas Lights

There's something so refreshing about spending the day, doing laundry and cleaning up your room. Currently, my deep purple sheets are hung up in the windows, and they look like the walls lining a bazaar. As I wander around my empty flat, it smells like fresh flowers, and I feel so much more peaceful than how I felt earlier in the day. My desk is lined with tea candles, lit and glowing with my desk lamps, and our Christmas lights that decorate the hall. They all bring a sense of warmth into this oftentimes empty heart of mine.
Life can be frustrating, overwhelming, heartbreaking, and disappointing, but at least we can go to bed with the knowledge that tomorrow brings new opportunities for us to grow, and be lovelier people than the day before.

Question of the blog:
What brings you comfort on lonely nights?


Allie said...

Wine. :) And "Sleepless in Seattle."

Anonymous said...

there's nothing quite like a clean home, fresh flowers, and something delicious in the oven. On lonely nights, I like soothing music like the weepies, and old favorite movies like 500 days of summer or catch and release.