Sunday, April 3, 2011


I heart baseball. I started getting into baseball, especially the San Francisco Giants, about a year and a half ago, and have absolutely adored it ever since. I've tried football and basketball, but they've never snagged my heart like baseball has. A dear friend and I went to a Giants game at Dodger stadium yesterday, and had such a good time watching them totally crush the Dodgers 10-1.

(All photos taken by me)

Question of the blog:
Are you a big fan of sports? What is your favorite, or most tolerated, sport? Who is your team?


Symone said...

I LOVE BASEBALL!!!! The Mariners are definitely my team. :]

I also love football. Seahawks all the way!!

I wish I could go to a baseball game... Looks like you had a blast! Love ya, Z!

Chelsie said...

Football. Football. Football.
New England Patriots. Every day of my life.

I don't really like watching baseball, but obviously, Sox Pride is in my blood. Hahaha!

Moorea Seal said...

Zandra, you are SO BEAUTIFUL. It is amazing to me that you are turning 21 SO soon! You are a woman! It is just insane for me as a big sister and substitute mom to see you grow up. For me, 21 didn't actually feel like that big of a deal. But now as I see you on the edge of 21, I see and feel the incredible ways in which you are becoming a woman, no longer my little baby <3
You're not a giiiiirl, not yet a woman. All you neeeeeed is time, a moment that iiiiiis mine...err..yours. Ok, enough Britney Spears. I love you. It makes me so happy to see you happy. Happy wartchin baseball, with the Andy pants.

I love you so much. And it would be awesome if you lived up here in Seattle for the summer!!!!


Moorea Seal said...

Also, I need to be taught how to understand baseball and how to enjoy a baseball game. Max loves baseball. its a huge part of his family. He seriously tears up when he sees a good game. CUUUUTE! I need to join your baseball lovin' posse!

I'm more of a soccer and football sort of gal. I like being able to yell a lot at the game :)

Allie said...

Haha, I just bought a Dodgers cap from Target last week. I don't really have a huge loyalty towards them, other than they are a So Cal team and I am So Cal girl :)