Sunday, April 3, 2011

Laundry Etiquette

Give me a moment to bitch about the people that live on campus with me.

I put my laundry in the washer at 5:30 pm. The washer takes exactly 37 minutes to do its thang, and there are 4 washers. I go to pick my laundry up one hour later, so it has been sitting unattended for a whopping 23 minutes. Some idiot took my wet laundry out of the washer to do whatever the hell they needed to do, but there was nothing in any of the washers! The person just pulled my stuff out! For no reason! All washers were empty! WHO EVEN DOES THAT?

Question of the blog:
Do you have to share a washer/dryer with other people? What is your idea of good laundry etiquette?


Allie said...

One time I found a nice homeless man sleeping in my complex's laundry room because I forgot to lock the door the night before. I had mixed feelings about it.

Heaven said...

That exact situation happens to me ALL THE TIME. It's so rude, makes your clothes smell...Its even worse when you have to pay for laundry and it gets ruined for no reason.

I try to do "huge" loads of laundry (all my towels and blankets, etc.) at a good friend's house while we hang out. Its an easy way to multitask.