Monday, August 22, 2011

Body Clock Renovation 2011

Alright, who of you has a hard time waking up in the mornings? It's okay, I'm right there with you.
My grandmother passed away two weeks ago. She was the epitome of class, service, charm, and generosity.. And she did it all on time, with happiness, and in style. I am so inspired by her life, and I want to make some changes. My first changes have started with those three things, being on time, being happy while I do it, and doing it in style.
I just purchased my first real watch, a Michael Kors wrist watch, that's so blingin' and beautiful. My grandmother was a servant to all, especially in the education field for Southeast Asians after the huge immigration to Long Beach in the 80s. She offered so many ways to help, to teach, and to serve other people, and always did it in a manner that was humble, but not to the point of letting herself go. She had her signature red nail polish, as I blogged about before. She always had her hair done and respectable clothes and shoes. It wasn't in the fashion of looking down on those who didn't have it, but she just liked it, and she knew she deserved it. So, my wrist watch is part one of my lesson on how to live in style while also living a life that is primarily for other people. I am a servant, and I love to serve, and I love everyone.
Moving on. Being on time, guys. This is my ultimate goal. I am the type of girl that is so much more pleasant to be around when I've woken up at 10:30 am, but you know, that just isn't going to cut it anymore. I need to wake up earlier. So today marks the day of my BODY CLOCK RENOVATION 2011, where I will be waking up early and starting my day early and loving it in the process. Last night, I successfully made it to bed by 10:45, and was out by 11 pm. Despite having very realistic dreams (not nightmares. There's a difference) of the zombiepocalypse, I woke up at 8 am, drank some tea, woke Moorea up, and now, at 9 am, we are out the door to walk The Newo Pups and read at Broad Street Books, a dog friendly cafe in downtown. I am overjoyed with the thought that in a few minutes I will get some real caffeine in me, because it is way to early for me to be awake. NAY! It is just the right time for me to be awake! And I'm going to learn to love it!

Question of the blog:
What is your ideal wake up time?


Majid Ali said...

Please for Christ sake help this poor boy from Haiti

Allie said...

First of all... Majid Ali might want to not look for help on a college girl's blog :)

Second... I have a hell of a time waking up in time for work. I wish I was one of those people that was able to wake up at sunrise and just start their day with coffee, crosswords, a morning walk, etc. Alas, I am not.