Friday, August 12, 2011

Time To Go

Photo by Alexandra Seal
Heyburn State Park, Northern Idaho

And it seems as though life has sent me south again. To be honest, I'm bitter. I want to leave, and go to where I feel I'm wanted. I'm angry you've left me stranded here, too self-absorbed to neither fight with or for me. I'll drive south with the one that's never let me down, to be with those who make me feel stable.

It's time that I take my negative energy and put it to use somewhere else, somewhere positive, with good intentions.

But oh how I yearn to speak with you just one more time. But how you erased me, I must do the same. Self preservation at its finest.

The truth is, I miss my friendships, but I've got to move on from the ones with obvious expiration dates.

Question of the blog:
Who has been your longest standing friend?


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life moves on leaving the loveless in our wake.