Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Starting new chapters of life, letting old ones go.
Today marks the day where I put my deposit down for massage school. On October 22nd, I will have my certificate in massage therapy. My choice, my money, my goals. I didn't need anyone else, but I wanted and kept a few for the ride. Thank you, to those very few people that stayed, and that love me.

Sometimes I'm not sure how to catch my blog up on my life, and it comes out this half-ass thank you, and a resemblance of some list of calendar events. Sorry about that.

Question of the blog:
What's your next move? (Up to your own interpretation)


Allie said...

New job, definitely. I'm anxiously awaiting the day I get a call from Anna Wintour asking me to join her team at Vogue. JK. All I want is to be working somewhere other than where I'm currently at. :(

Adam K said...

Allie, Anna Wintour is a great friend of mine! No. She's not. That was a lie.

I think my next big move is to paint like a crazy person and submit my portfolio to all of the top schools and galleries, which would hopefully propel me out of Washington or at least into a more comfortable living scenario without all the stress of a 9-5.

Good luck with the massage therapy!