Sunday, September 25, 2011

Right Side Up, and Mobile Blogging.

Alright, pets, here's the deal. this is my bed, not yours. You all have individual beds yourselves, yet I am humble and willing to share mine with you. But really, Newo dear.. If I am letting you share my bed with me, the least you could do would be to sleep with your head towards me.No one likes Newo farts, especially as wake up calls.

Also, just added the blogger app on my phone, so I am currently mobile blogging right meow. Cool ^.^ This undoubtedly means I will be blogging more often and with fervor, so enjoy that, readers. All in all, im tired, can't sleep, Newo needs to turn right side up, and Hammy joined the cuddle sesh tonight, so we'll see how much sleep I get tonight.

Question of the blog:
Are you a solo sleeper or more of a cuddle bunny?

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