Thursday, October 2, 2008

One Two Three. I Love You.

I am dedicating this blog to every adorable animal on planet earth. You make me smile.

Raccoons. Yes, they knock over your trash cans and scare you with the thought of rabies, but they are SO cute. baby little eyes and those little ears, and bandit masks. soooooo adorable!

I am pretty sure I have only been graced by the presence of one of these little guys once, and that was a bad moment (he was sort of attacking my dog in mid-daylight. and my mom threw the nearest thing to her at it. And it was my jewelry box I was painting. After that we threw it away.)

I just want a million little raccoon babies that can be my pets. And they would never grow up, because we all know that baby animals are better than grossy old ones.

Squirrels. They scurry. They run along your fence all the day long. They are the cutest things ever. Bushy tails and little hands, perfect balance. I want one. Pretty please!

After seeing all those cute little squirrels in the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I was sold. Love them.

Kittens. Need I say more?

These little creatures have brought me joy since day one. Soft fur and awesome reflexes. always land on their feet. 9 lives. Always willing to cuddle. Independent.

Everyone likes dogs for some reason. yeah they're cute and all... but they are such children. I mean really. It's all about them. Cats are more like adults, they go to the bathroom when they want to, and don't whine about it to you. They clean themselves, so you don't have to. Dogs are nice and all... But consider the kitties.

Also, there is no other species like the cat. From the Tiger to the household cat, they have the same bone structure. That's amazing! Big kitty little kitty yet so alike!

Want to see the cutest/silliest cats ever?

One. Two. Three. I. Love. You. Raccoons. Squirrels. Kitties. Me. Wants. All.


the rumination reading room said...

i am obsessed with this blog post.

im putting a link to it in my blog.

Rachel.d.Hurley said...

I agree 100% on the kittens and squirrels. raccoons I'm not so sure about...

I love your blog

Julianna said...

ahhhh! favorite post EVER! you should check out red pandas too. i just decided i want one yay!