Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Come with me and I will take you to Narnia.
Wear your best outfit, we must look impressive on this journey.
Wear your prettiest dress with moccasins, with a head band,
And braid your hair.
Leave your jacket at home,
but bring the shawl the birds made for you.
We will meet at the foot of the mountains,
And hike the trail to Archenland and rest there,
to Narnia.
I know of some beavers on the way, that will show us where all the most delicious fruits and vegetables are, and cinnamon, and we will put flowers in our hair.

And Aslan will greet us so sweetly,
And we will hold his fur tight,

And He will say,
"Welcome home."

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the rumination reading room said...

baaaah aslan. i freakin cried a million times in the lion the witch and the wardrobe movie. kill me now. i love aslan/jesus. and you.