Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Naked As We Came.

(found on flickr. by krissyb)

The whole world is naked tonight.
I watch as strips of light flash down to earth.
He keeps quiet as we all watch.

There is a crowd where I am.
A roll of growling comes from the mouth of the storm,
and I can hear the lion purring.
We all pull over to see the expansive sky,
to marvel at the wonder He is painting tonight.

Another purr and another car.
The light is hidden in the clouds, but that only makes the sky brighter.
A flash of naked light and we are all in awe.
The bare beauty of it all overwhelms our souls, fills us up,
and makes us overflow with

He reaches down
and touches the earth.

I am thinking about the things that we talked about tonight,
I like my hands.
I like that I can relate to people.
I like being overwhelmed by God's beauty.

One at a time, the rain drops greet the roof of my car-
the shoulders on my gray sweatshirt, illuminated by the night-
my bare knees.
The grass tickles my legs and I don't feel alone.
I am not alone.

He who Is stands in front of me in this flash of light, naked.
And here I stand, naked in the grass, letting Them see all of me.
Welcome home.