Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sleep Outs and Sidekicks

My first week as a counselor at Wolf Mountain is already over! Man that week went by fast. I had 8 girls in my cabin, all very different yet all equally sassy. This caused quite a bit of problems in terms of teamwork, but all in all I had a really great week getting to know these girls and trying to show them the beautiful beautiful God that watches over all of us.

Oh my darling little Saren. She was so hilarious all week.

My friends Marceline, Bekah, Desiree, and JC. Awesome.

Puffin AKA Marcelina, who I love a lot a lot. I'm really glad I am working with her all summer.

These are my girls trying to to the Swing-To. They had a really hard time with leadership as well as unity as a cabin and totally failed at this and every exercise we tried to do. In the end I had to make it very easy for them to succeed, but I think they learned a lot from the activity.

My cabin won the Counselor Hunt, where each counselor hides and when they are found by a cabin, they get to dress the counselor up however they want. They dressed me up as what they called "Confused Britney Spears In the Morning." It was ridiculous.

This is one of my girls riding. During activities, each counselor is assigned a different activity to help out with. I worked with the wranglers and helped with the horses and vaulting and stuff. It was awesome to see these little girls and boys ride great big horses and still feel comfortable. When I first tried vaulting I was really nervous!

This week went well, and it was great practice for future cabins. This next week I will be a Primary Counselor, meaning I will be a counselor for Sunday to Wednesday, because Primaries are the kids that only stay a few days (usually because of homesickness and stuff, and can't handle a whole week away.) So I'm hoping there will be no bed wetters, and I'll get at least a few hours of sleep this week =] Haha!

I hope you are all doing well, I miss everyone a lot and I'm sorry I haven't had time to talk to basically anyone. It's incredible how time consuming 8 girls that are from the ages of 9-12 can be. Keep me in your prayers, you are always in mine.


Moorea Seal said...

i love you and i am so proud of you!!!! i am SO glad you decided to work there this summer, I know that it will stretch you in new ways and it will bring you a lot of highs and lows. and in the end, you will come out a more God loving, dedicated, faithful and beautiful woman. i am so proud of you!!!

Marcelina said...

i love you too! And i'm so glad to get to work with you and get to know you. You are ROCK AWESOME!!!