Saturday, June 6, 2009

Stuff From All Over

A year ago today, I graduated from high school.
So. Weird.
Tomorrow is my first day at Wolf Mountain Camp.
I am reallllly nervous, but more excited than anything. I am in dire need to get out of this place for a bit. What's nice is that I will be gone during the week, but will be home from Friday nights to Sunday mornings, which will give me a little time to myself, one night to make some money working at Sushi Q, and a morning to spend some time with God at my church before heading back to camp.
This first week is just staff training, no campers yet. Since I've never even been to the camp, I don't really know how it's going to go.. But what I'm guessing is that I won't be using my phone at all this week or have any contact with the outside world. By next weekend, I'll have my address and stuff that I will put on here, so if you feel the urge to send me letters and or care packages with yummy candy and my favorite foods *hint hint* you can just send them away to me. =]
I wanted to give a shout out to all of my regular readers.. The past few days a couple of my friends have let me know how much they love my blog and I really appreciate it.. Really!! I'm so glad people find me even moderately interesting, and I'm sorry my past few blogs have been sort of .. blah. This has been a rough past couple of weeks. I promise I'll post lots of fun things over the weekends about pushing small children off of large wooden structures and stuff.. Just kidding... Maybe...
But anyways, thank you for reading and supporting me. You guys are awesome.
I've got a few silly topics that I hopefully will be posting tonight while I finally start packing or tomorrow morning before I leave for camp. Oh, procrastination.

Question of the blog:
Random, I know, but should I grow out my bangs or cut them shorter again? It seems like there is an equal amount of people that prefer them short to long. Darn!

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