Friday, November 13, 2009

Eek Bleh!

What is it about radio songs that just make me want to die? These two songs have been playing nonstop and I cannot see the attraction in either.

1. Lady Gaga, do not want. Ra ra ooh ma ma ra ta ta. Ha ga ga la la fa fa poo poo this is awful. The only thing mildly interesting about this video is that Lady Gaga is wearing new Alexander McQueen.

2. I would never brush my teeth with Jack Daniel's. That makes absolutely no sense. Who is Ke$ha anyways and how to do you pronounce a word with a dollar sign in it?

After two horrifying songs that I never want to hear again, here are a few that I'm enjoying tonight.

Brett Dennen - Ain't No Reason. Lil cutie. I know he's older than me but he just looks like a little bebe!

Moorea Seal - Dance Me To the End Of Love. I like my sister's voice and her preciousness at the beginning of this song. hehee

Joshua Radin - Everything'll Be Alright. This song makes me so peaceful. Nice ending to my day.

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